You are've helped us in one weekend raise 10%!!!!!!

Wow you all work fast! You've already helped us raise 10% of our cost to get this album into the world and into your ears. Thank you thank you thank you. We are feeling so grateful to all who have helped so far and all those who are sharing this far and wide. We thought it would be good to let you know how special we think you are. 

This is our most personal creation yet and because of that it is a bit scary. We honestly couldn't do any of it without you all. It warms our heart to know we are alive at the same time and able to journey together. 

Here are a few photos from our weekend in the woods and water. We hope you too are able to get outside and connect with this spectacular land we are privileged enough to live on. The Trees, the Water, the Creatures big and small, the Soil, the Rocks, the Sky, the Spirits and all that make up this Earth are the real beings who have made these songs possible and we send a big thank you to them too. 


Here are some glorious mushrooms found along the trail of our explorations...

Chicken of the Woods, edible but not ready to be harvested. They get real big and have a delicious stringy texture to them. The first time Piper had them was on her first trip to Vancouver in 2004, when she drove across the trans Canada with her mum and sister. Carson is dying to try them, we'll just have to keep hunting.


Ghost Pipe one of our favs. Not a fungus at all but in fact a plant that has no chlorophyll. It doesn't depend on photosynthesis and thus is able to grow in the darkest parts of forests. It's translucent/white flesh is a magic to behold when found popping up through the forest floor. 


Can anyone tell us the name of these beauties? We've been affectionately calling them 'cheezies of the woods' lol. Piper's fav colour is orange and there's nothing like stumbling upon these fluorescent beauties. They are a sight to behold and we could stare at them all day out of pure enjoyment and wonder. 


Our first swims this summer where taken in this beautiful location! Not another soul to be found. We snacked on this hidden shore and then proceeded to swim up the lake on an inflatable watermelon raft. We explored the other shore and then floated back. It was the best adventure anyone could ask for. Wow this planet is ever spectacular. Thank you beauty land for the recharge. 


Here's to all of you. We will keep the updates coming so be sure to check in here again!



Piper & Carson

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