New album Pre-Sale

We are making an album! We like to describe this collection of songs as lullabies for adult children...something it seems we could all use a little of right now. This album is a reflection of our experience in the world and the transformative decolonization process we are all being called to participate in. 

We are exploring a new model of how we make, create and share art. With 'normal' touring life entirely upended we weren't sure if we were going to print physical CDs. Custom illustrations by Riley Bee began to roll in and we realized that we needed to have something physical to truly honour what we have collectively built.

*This will be a limited print run so if you do want the physical make sure to order it now.*

In order to facilitate this new creation we need to cover costs associated with production, collaboration, printing and distribution. We are so grateful to the City of Hamilton Enrichment Fund whose generous support allowed this project to begin. We would be grateful for your support in helping to offset the additional $6000 of out-of-pocket expenses. 

We have crafted something that is intentioned and meaningful to us and have decided to have only one package option for this pre-sale. We really want to share the total experience with you! We understand the 'suggested' price is not accessible to all so have left it open for each individual to consider what they can contribute.  Here are a few examples of how you might consider what to give... 

$20-$50 - If you’re just making ends meet 
$50 - If you're financially stable 
$50 plus - If you're financially flourishing

One of the main elements of how we are wanting to shift, is in how we share resources. Consider if you have more to give, this excess will facilitate  the gifting of this experience to those who might have less access to monetary resources. We are overjoyed to have  you on this journey with us. 

We love you. We see you. We believe in you. Thank you for believing in us.

Your pals,
Piper & Carson

Package Sign-up and Contributions

Album Package - $50
  • Album Package - $50
  • Album Package - $50
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Album Package - $50


Please choose a price: C$ CAD (C$20.00 or more)

Please pay at least C$20.00

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Valued at $50, you will receive: A Physical Album + Adult Children's Book (with original illustrations by Riley Bee) + Homemade Soap + Surprise

We've decided to create an all inclusive album package experience that delivers our full vision of what we wish this project to be and how we want to share it with you.

We want to make this creation accessible to folx and have offered an option for choosing the price that best represents what you can contribute. Here are a few examples of how you might consider what to give...

under $50 - If you’re just making ends meet $50 - If you're financially stable $50 plus - If you're financially flourishing

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  • Donation
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Please choose a price: C$ CAD (C$0.00 or more)

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If you wish to contribute but don't want a package in the mail, this is the option for you. Any donation will get you a digital download of the album. We love you!

*Use this option if you live locally and wish to get the full package but wish to pick it up from a porch in Toronto or Hamilton! (min $20)

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Album Updates


What if want to get the package but live locally and don't want to pay for shipping?
Simply use the donation option. Choose your amount (min $20) and include in your message that you wish to pick your package up on a porch in either Hamilton or Toronto. When we have it ready for you, we will get you the address for pickup:)

When will the album be complete? 
Early October, 2020 

How can I contribute? 
We’re keeping it simple and offering the one package option. We also have an option to contribute any amount.  Share this with your friends and family, help us get the word out!

What are the payment options? 
When you go to the checkout  you will have the option to use a Paypal account or a credit card. If neither of these work for you and would like to either do e-transfer, cash, or cheque just let us know and we will arrange with you.

How will I know if you’ve reached your goal? 
We will definitely be reaching out to all who are involved to celebrate. 

How can I share this with my friends who love your music? 
Click the share button or copy and paste this URL

For any other questions you can reach us here: