Digital Downloads have been sent out!

To everyone who has contributed to this campaign we thank you!! We've just completed emailing you all a digital copy of the album. If for some reason you don't see it in your inbox please don't hesitate to reach out. We have also put in the mail the first round of packages. We hope they arrive to you soon. The second wave will go out early next week as we are waiting for the soap to finish curing. 

We've been spending as much time in the woods as we can lately as it is the perfect place to feel alive and remember we are a part of something much bigger. We find we are feeling the exhaustion that comes with living a majority of our social lives online these days and have been planning what our exit strategy might be from social media. For years it has felt imperative as musicians to have a facebook, instagram and twitter account. Lately however we are questioning this reasoning and wondering what better ways we can collectively invest in each other and our relationships. We are thinking about you all in these times and it means so much to be a the part of the journey where we get to begin sharing what we've created. We always love hearing from you so please tell us how you're doing.

Included above is a picture Piper took of the cross section of a log, a piece of natural artwork indeed. It was taken while on a walk at Bronte Creek, a beautiful environmentally sensitive area not to far from the Beverly Swamp and part of the same wetlands system in which Enbridge wishes to put a fracked natural pipeline through. If you don't know about what is being proposed and why NY state has banned fracking I highly recommend watching this video Stop the fracked gas pipeline in Hamilton! for a longer more recent in-depth update of events unfolding follow this link here Teach-in Vs. Proposed Fracked Gas Pipeline in Hamilton . If you'd like to know more or get involved send us an email. 

Much love and gratitude to you all! Sink into the unknown,

Piper & Carson



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